Related links and inspiration

Single life:

Probably the most prolific writer on living single, Dr. DePaulo has also been a big help as a consultant on this project:

Unmarried Equality: non-profit singles advocacy group:

Family inequality blog by Philip N. Cohen:

Polyamory resources:

Elisabeth Sheff is probably the leading poly expert in the U.S., and one of the only researchers to extensively study poly families with children:

Barker and Landridges’s book Understanding Non-Monogamies is an excellent compilation of some pretty comprehensive, academic articles about poly and other non-monogamies:

Modern Poly online community:

Tristan Taormino’s Opening Up:

Frankin Veaux and Eve Rickert’s More Than Two:

Solo polyamory resources:

Aggie Sez’s blog helped me understand who I am and that I am not alone in desiring solitude AND intimacy…lots of good stuff here if you poke around. She also helped popularize the term “relationship escalator” which is of course totally brilliant! (archived)

Some more posts about about solo polyamory:

Relationship anarchy information:



My advisor Dr. Kassia Wosick wrote an awesome book called Sex, Love, and Fidelity about modern relationships which compares monogamy, swinging, and polyamory, and is probably my biggest inspiration! You can buy it here:

Am I missing something? Let me know ( and I will try to make updates as needed.