Looking For Meaningful Work


Hi friends and colleagues! The time has come for me to change things up again. I’m ready to get out of this desert. Las Cruces has grown on me quite a bit since I’ve been here…the people here are compassionate and creative, and it’s been pretty amazing to learn about the history and culture of the Southwest while being completely immersed in it. The mountains and sky are gorgeous.

That said, I pretty much hate the weather, the bugs, and the lack of good Asian food. On the rare days that it’s overcast here I am at my most content. Now that I’ve earned my degree, I’m ready to make my way northward and start a new career…ideally to the Portland Metro area, but I will consider other locations for the right opportunity (Olympia, Tacoma, Eugene, etc.), as long as there is good transit or I can walk to work (my car is still chugging along, but it’s probably only got a few more years in it).

Ideally, I would like to work in the non-profit, state or local government, or education sectors. I would consider a private sector position for the right fit.

Qualifications: BAs in community psychology and journalism, MA in sociology. Ten years’ experience in office administration/management. Some teaching experience. Knowledge of advocacy-based counseling best practices. A variety of work experience including sales, customer service, basic tech support, hospitality, and dispatch.  Experience working with diverse and/or marginalized populations. Living life.

Please keep in mind that I am not a licensed mental health counselor or licensed social worker, but I am open to additional training.

Examples of jobs I would enjoy:

Admin or research assistant at a university or community college

Research assistant anywhere really, but I’m best at managing smaller, one-on-one or small group interviews and focus groups, and not as good at survey research. This would need to be in a social sciences, public health, or education setting and not in hard sciences or market research.

Administrative or research assistant for non-profit or government

Copywriter for press releases, etc.

Teacher at any community college or other community-based setting. The only courses at community college level that I’m qualified to teach are sociology courses, but non-college teaching settings will be more flexible.

I also want the place I work to reflect my personal values. I’d be particularly interested in working at a place focusing on the following areas of interest:

Community health

Reproductive justice

Harm reduction

At-risk young adults or teens, particularly LGBTIQA populations

Intentional communities



Activism and social movements

HIV/AIDS community

Prison-to-community transition

Refugee resettlement and assistance

Other civil or human rights issues

What I’m good at:

Writing and editing

Customer service and making people feel good

Working with diverse populations

Qualitative analysis

Qualitative research

Researching and writing policy when it’s in one of my areas of interest

Journalism and copyediting (I would actually love to work for a news or comedy-oriented podcast, though it would have to be entry level as I know nothing about it currently).

Communication and mediation; talking about stuff and listening to stuff, in addition to written communication

Management (herding cats)

Organizing stuff

Social media

Event Planning

What I’m *not* good at:

Getting up really early in the morning (willing to work nights and weekends if necessary), and regular banker’s hours are fine, just no starting before 8 a.m.)

Working with people who don’t like their jobs *(org/corporate culture is very important)*

Statististics. I have training in this, it’s just very basic…so if I needed to do it once in a while that’d be ok, but I don’t want to be analyzing polls all day, and, well yeah, I’m not very good at it

Manual labor and building things

having to pretend I’m busy when I’m actually not

Workimg as part of a team, but I do tend to take on leadership roles and sometimes find it hard to let go of control. I am working on that.

Salary preference: $40,000 + with benefits, but negotiable for the right opportunity

Timeline: I can be ready to move in August or September.